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I went to Disneyland Paris yesterday, and although I had my doubts about it, I ended up having a great time. One of my friends who lives here has a year pass, and the combination of a coupon for super-cheap admission, the promise of a gorgeous day, and the opportunity to get a little further afield meant that I got over myself and my feeling that I should be doing something more typically Parisian. It turned out to be one of the most fun days I’ve had this summer.

I don't think I'll ever get over my love of finding interesting ways to "hold" or otherwise manhandle landmarks.

Sistine Chapel meets Disneyland Paris meets Kylie

Because it was there.

We got to sit at the front of our boat the second time we rode Pirates of the Caribbean....and this is the cheapskate's way of taking advantage of Disneyland's photo-taking service

"vrai" means "true"...so, in Franglais, this sign says "false alarm = true retard"

Really, any day in which someone tells you “please do not open the door until your spinning teacup has come to a complete stop” can’t be that bad. The weather was great, the lines were short, and it really is a happy place, if a little artificial-feeling (according to Kylie, the first-happiest place on earth is Disneyland–it was built first–the second-happiest is Disneyworld, the third is Disneyland Paris, and the fourth is Disneyland Tokyo).

And now it is back to reality for a few more days of work before I head to Greece for a friend’s wedding!


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  1. J’espere que tout va bien.Que tu es chanceuse de ne sufrir pas les tempetes de
    neiges! Ca passe presque chaque deux jours. Les toits des maisons sont
    surcharges et des fois s’ecroulent . Dans les rues c’est difficile d’aller en voiture,
    pas de place pour stationner,la circulation effroyable !Harvard Square une pagaille!
    Mais ne t’inquietes pas, ,je ne laisse pas ta grandmere enlever a la pelle la

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