My funny bed

July 7, 2010 at 4:29 PM | Posted in Paris 2010 | 2 Comments

I’ve told a few of you about the crazy bed in my apartment. You sort of have to see it to get the full effect. For background, I live on the sixth floor (fifth French floor–107 steps to the door) of a walk-up apartment building in Gobelins, a fantastic neighborhood in the 13th arrondissement. I’m subletting a friend’s apartment for the summer while she is away, and while the apartment is tiny, it makes great use of the space. Case in point: the bed.

It looks like your average floor-to-ceiling bookcase and closet…

except for this little knob on one side:

Push the knob down and then pull it until the bookcase starts to move…

Keep pulling (note the cool track mechanism on the bottom that guides the bed around)…

Now start to push, and keep pushing it until you hear the knob click into place…

Pull the bed down, unstrap the mattress…

…et voila!

I honestly don’t know why these have fallen out of fashion…they make such a great use of space. Plus, not having to do a very neat job at making my bed every day isn’t bad, either.



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  1. Chere Erika
    Merci pour les bonnes nouvelles et photos, Quelles plaisir de lire de tes
    experiences a Paris! Tes descriptions de tes recettes , je peux presque les goutter
    Naturellement Paris me manque mais je suis si content que tu as cette opportunite
    de rencontrer plusieurs de mes favoris endroits.
    Ici a Dedham Nannie et moi son en bonne sante malgre le temps si
    chaud et humide.Notre jardin marche tres bien et hier une recolte d’un concombre!
    Nous anticipons chaque bloque avec tant d’interet
    Nous t’embrasse
    Nannie et Poppy

  2. Wow! How awesome is that!

    I want one like that.


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