Kitchen disaster, third night running

September 24, 2009 at 9:32 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

It’s been a week of not-so-successful kitchen adventures.  First, the tofu I was going to use for a stir-fry on Tuesday night smelled like apple cider when I opened the box, so I had to chuck it. Then I ended up getting home super late from my TA session for physiology anyway and caved and got spicy tofu pad thai from the restaurant downstairs instead of cooking (which was a great choice–it was totally delicious). Then last night I tried (again) on the stir-fry and was aiming to use cooked spaghetti squash like glass noodles, but the squash ended up all clumping together in an unappetizing blob that tasted like nothing.

But tonight takes “unappetizing blob” to a new level. I had visions of creamy, dreamy polenta, topped with kale and caramelized onions and bacon. Well, the polenta was neither creamy nor dreamy, and the kale refused to de-puff and ended up tasting kind of terrible and grassy.  However, it was not as terrible as when I went back to the stove to clean up and saw the state of the rest of the polenta…and then my inner five-year-old went to town:


Note its gravity-defying powers

Note its gravity-defying powers

And no matter how much kale looks like it’s glowing with health, there was something about this concoction that was completely unappetizing:

There was something thoroughly unappealing about the earnest healthiness of this (despite the presence of three crumbled strips of bacon)




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  1. hang in there, champ. you have to burn some and play-doh some to make the masterpieces all the more delectable.

  2. Does the satisfaction that comes with squeezing warm sticky polenta through your fingers like a child playing with fresh mud, in any way compensate for the cooking disaster? I never liked polenta anyway!

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