Just peachy

July 31, 2009 at 1:05 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

After my impassioned expression of confusion at the way that French people eat peaches, today I was working from home, and wanted some fruit after lunch.  So I popped down to the fruitier down the street, picked up two peaches, brought them home.

The first one I ate like an apple, the way that I’d always assumed was the only way to eat a fresh peach, and while the peach itself was delicious, the skin was rather thick and messed up the texture in my mouth.  And the thick skin made biting into it a messy proposition.

So an hour later, when I was ready for the second peach, I found myself–alone in my apartment, with nobody watching–standing at the sink to carefully peel all the skin off the peach with a knife.  Then sitting at the table, slicing off the peach flesh a bite at a time, and eating it off the flat part of the knife blade.

You’d be surprised at how much better a peach tastes when it is sliced and skinless.  And how much better you, and the front of your shirt, look after you eat it.

What has happened to me??


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