Mamie Gâteaux Salon de Thé: One year later

July 4, 2009 at 7:28 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Almost exactly one year ago, I posted about the cutest little salon de thé (tea house) in Paris.  I spent a rainy afternoon there, waiting out a rainstorm with a slice of quiche and a pot of tea, and vowed to go back sometime for that lovely tradition of French schoolchildren (and child-at-heart adults), le goûter, or afternoon snack.  Well, it took a full year, but today I found myself in Montparnasse around 4pm, about a block from the teahouse, and decided that it was a sign.

It was every bit as great as I had remembered.  Since I had only been once, and it had been right when I arrived in Paris, I had worried that, after sitting in many cafes since, it would have lost its charm.  Nothing could have been futher from the truth.  In fact, it seems to have grown more charming over the past year, perhaps because I have been to so many ho-hum cafes, and this one really sings–in ambiance, decor, and the quality of the food.

Apricot-almond tart and lemon iced tea (with a mini madeleine)

Apricot-almond tart and lemon iced tea (with a mini madeleine)

Now that I have sampled the ppatisserie maison (and been duly impressed), I may have to circle back to some of the lunchtime specials. How good does a savory cake of salmon, tomato confit, and lemon zest sound? Or would I get the salad with cured ham and tapenade?

And the outside couldn’t be more charming, either:


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