Mom, Dad, Judy, and Rusty

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It has been a busy last few days! Mom, Dad, my aunt Judy, and uncle Rusty got into Paris on Thursday afternoon and we have had a wonderful time–walking around, showing them my favorite places in the city and finding new favorites together, finally seeing some of the Paris sights that I have never gotten around to seeing, and eating great food.  I’ve been letting Dad and Judy take most of the pictures, so I don’t have much to post photo-wise, but here are some highlights of our visit:

  • The Paris Gay Pride Parade, which was yesterday.  It was just as huge as I remembered from last year–some estimates said that it marchers and observers combined totaled 600,000 to 700,000–and many, many of them were marching.  It was pretty amazing.
  • Lunch today at L’As du Falafel–the best falafel in Paris and a necessary stop on any trip to Paris, in my opinion
  • Shopping at the Marche Richard Lenoir, the biggest open-air market in Paris and quite close to my apartment from last year, and getting ingredients for a picnic-style dinner at “chez moi” tonight (along with Dana, who joined us for dinner)
  • Being amazed at my dad’s French–his vocabulary, his accent, and his commitment to speaking to everyone in French (I try to do the same, but he actually manages to get the point across most of the time!)
  • Taking them to places and stores that I love: Jardin de Luxembourg, Places des Vosges, Thé Mariage Freres (amazing tea shop in the Marais), a boulangerie/patisserie I love, Berthillon ice cream (and eating it while sitting on the quays of Ile St.-Louis)
  • And the find of the trip so far…Bistrot Paul Bert, a little bistro in the 11th arrondissement, which feels quite close to the authentic Paris bistro experience (in both menu and atmosphere).  Some of the food is astonishingly good and inventive (my appetizer was baby squid with preserved lemons and cilantro), with some bistro classics (beef carpaccio, rabbit in mustard sauce, milk-fed pork) and a wonderful dessert menu. And it’s really reasonably priced with a fantastic wine list.  I got a dessert that I have wanted to try for a long time but have never gotten around to ordering until last night: Ile Flotante, or Floating Island, also referred to as Ouefs a la Neige, or eggs in snow. Basically a giant, fluffy meringue covered in rose-scented pralines and floating in a pool of creme anglaise, which is a milk-and-egg custard that tastes like melted vanilla ice cream.

The Ile Flotante at Bistrot Paul Bert

The Ile Flotante at Bistrot Paul Bert

And my mom got the strawberry macaron, which, though a bit less dramatic, was equally delicious:

Strawberry macaron

Strawberry macaron

They are off to Normandy for a few days…I wish I could go with them, but after a wonderful weekend I have to go back to work!


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