Anna c’est ici!

July 29, 2008 at 7:18 AM | Posted in Paris 2008, Wanderings | 1 Comment
Anna arrived on Friday for a ten-day visit, and we’ve been having a great time experiencing Paris together. I didn’t go to work on Friday, and so we had a great three-day weekend together: another dinner with Catherine and Patrick at their beautiful Montmartre apartment, a picnic in the Luxembourg gardens, a sunset cruise on the Seine (surprisingly, not cheesy and really fun/beautiful/interesting), a DELICIOUS dinner at a Moroccan restaurant right near my apartment (Souk), a visit to the Marche D’Aligre for produce and French foodstuffs, the Orangerie museum (an impressionist collection at the end of the Tuileries, right near Place Concorde), and watching the Champs Elysses stage of the Tour de France. About that–we walked down Rue Rivoli from my apartment and joined a huge crowd on the loop where the riders were going to pass. It was really hot out, and after an hour of standing around in the baking sun near the Louvre, we decided to screw it and do something else instead, because nothing was happening. We walked around the Tuileries and spent about an hour in the Orangerie, and when we came out, the riders were on lap #5 (out of 8) and it was much less crowded–so we got to see the Tour after all. Pretty cool to watch, although they passed so quickly that in the time it took to take a few photos, they were gone!
On Monday while I was at work, Anna went to the Louvre and surrounding areas, and in the evening we met up at E. Dehillerin (the cooking supply store). She is similarly smitten with the store–seriously, it’s my favorite store in Paris by a long shot. I think I may be paying them a third visit before I leave. Then we met up with a few friends that I have made here–we went to a reading at Shakespeare and Company (a famous Anglophone bookstore that’s associated in some way with City Lights bookstore in San Francisco). The writer is Catherine Sanderson, who wrote the book “Petite Anglaise” that is a spinoff from her my-expat-life-in-Paris blog. Afterwards we went out for drinks (and got caught in a downpour on the way home!).
And yesterday we went up to Montmartre to look in the cute shops, get a great view of Paris, and meet up with Dana and her mom for dinner. We went to an adorable French restaurant on Rue Lepic called, appropriately, “L’Epicurien Bistrot” (this picture on the left courtesy of another blogger).

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  1. Yay! I’m so glad you two are having such a good time!

    Can’t wait to see you both when you get back!

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