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July 2, 2008 at 5:41 AM | Posted in Paris 2008, Wanderings | 3 Comments

I have spent the past few days wandering around, getting lost, and in the process getting acquainted with the city (I haven’t even taken out my guidebook yet). Even though it is very crowded with tourists right now, it is still so much fun to walk around (and we all know how much i love to walk, so this is heaven). I have also gotten the opportunity to see some truly hilarious tourists–Hawaiian shirts, fanny packs, and all. They have been my favorite photo subjects so far. This picture is of a Segway tour outside Hotel des Invalides.

I have also gotten to meet up with many friends from home and meet lots of new people, which has been great. Annie L. and her boyfriend Marc are traveling in Europe now and ended up in Paris for the night due to a train mix-up, so we met up yesterday morning for a croissant and a cafe crème.

Then I met up with Anna’s friend Jenine in the afternoon; Jenine lived in Paris for a semester and showed me many of her favorite spots, including the best gelato EVER (the place is called Amorino, near the Luxembourg Gardens). On a whim I got pistachio and lemon, and the pistachio was mind-blowingly good. I would never have guessed that pistachio ice cream could be so amazing. Plus, they make it look like a rose in the cone. Then we hung out in the Luxembourg Gardens, had dinner in the Latin Quarter, and went to the Trocadero to watch the Eiffel Tower light show. It was really fun.

I started work today, and I am really excited about the things I will hopefully be doing. Also, a couple who sings in one of the Paris operas lives in my complex, and as I write this they are rehearsing together. Pretty cool!
A tout a l’heure!


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  1. Oh my goodness! Jenine and I went to that gelato place right before she left Paris (about a month or so before I left, I think). I have a picture of us sitting in Jardin du Luxembourg eating ice cream 🙂

    I’m already jealous, but pleasantly so. I’m so glad you’re keeping this blog!


  2. this is a lovely blog! please continue to include lots of food commentary and adventurous vocabulary.

  3. ooh so much happiness!

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