Gay Paris, indeed

June 28, 2008 at 2:39 PM | Posted in Paris 2008 | 1 Comment

So first of all, I arrived safely and right now I’m sitting on the patio of my adorable apartment, the cat in my lap, looking out onto a courtyard with a beautiful garden (tended by my housemate and nourished by our compost!). Unfortunately, my baggage was not so lucky–my bad luggage luck persists, and my bag got stuck in Dublin. But my housemate is friends with everyone, including someone who works at the airport, and her friend arranged to have my bag delivered tomorrow afternoon. What a relief!

Last night I had dinner with Muriel (my housemate) and Kathrin, the previous tenant. Muriel made a delicious tomato and zucchini tart (she is vegetarian also) and we had a really nice time.

Today was the Paris pride parade, and it was incredible. I was wandering around in the Latin Quarter and just followed the men in leather pants until I found the parade. I have never seen anything like this–there must have been tens of thousands of marchers alone, and the spectators were five deep where i was standing. I met a really nice couple from the US, and we watched from 3pm until about 5 from the street (we were on St. Germain du Pres), then I met up with my mom’s friend Anita and her family for dinner. You could see the parade from their apartment, and at 7:30 it was still going strong. The streets were FILLED with marchers, and the floats were just amazing. It ended in Place du Bastille (where I live) and the entire Bastille area is still closed to traffic and packed with drunk revelers.

This picture is from the parade–pretty self-explanatory 🙂


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  1. Paris Pride was my first Pride parade ever … amazing isn’t it!? 🙂 so glad you arrived safely!!

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